Zack Goldberg

Zachary Goldberg entered the hair industry in 2019. As Chief Experience Officer and Design Team member, he is responsible for so much of what makes ERGO a valuable partner for professionals and consumers alike.

Zack joined the ERGO Styling Tools team in 2019 and has grown with the company into his important roles, including presenting our “Art of the Blow Dry” education and making sure your experience at trade shows is always top notch. “My passion lies in education and community. With more knowledge and information, anything is possible! As an educator and Chief Experience Officer, it is my privilege to guide people to their own realizations. I live for the “Ah Ha’s” and “Light Bulb” moments. Connecting with people and lending a hand wherever & whenever I can is my daily driving force.”

Join us at the beautiful 5-Star Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 30-July 2, 2024 for this celebration of beauty.