Brandi Tindall

Brandi, after feeling restricted by a 9-5 job while raising her young family, ventured into entrepreneurship 11 years ago. Her passion for the beauty industry led her to SunnaTan, where she grew a successful six-figure beauty business, becoming the top SunnaTan salon in Canada before joining the company as a partner. At Sunna, Brandi excels as a tech stack strategist and technical marketer, specializing in CRM strategies, digital marketing, and e-commerce. She also co-founded The Stir Agency in 2022 with Shannelle, focusing on coaching, online courses, and masterminds to help women grow their businesses. Known for her digital courses and ability to help women overcome mindset barriers, Brandi has played a crucial role in increasing Sunna’s revenue by over 300%. Her mission is to share her expertise and inspire women to live a life of freedom, passion, and purpose.

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